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Volunteer Director Shannon McOuat said, “Although I believe she has received this recognition in the past, it was not under my watch and I believe wholeheartedly that she deserves this recognition time and time again. Over the last two years I have seen Karen stretch to new depths of compassion, commitment and understanding. She has taught me a great deal about what it means to support people at the end of life and to sit in discomfort and hold space for people without judgement. She gives freely of herself in her volunteerism while simultaneously replenishes herself and others around her”.

January 19, 2020

Hospice SLO County received $10,000 from a benefit concert featuring Patrick O’Hara’s band Young Ireland on January 19, 2020 at Hospice SLO headquarters in downtown SLO. Young Ireland, made up of father and son duo, Patrick and Michael O’Hara, along with special guests Colm O’Hara, Tom O'Hara & Naomi Davis entertained the audience with traditional Irish, American, and Mexican Folk songs and poetry. Guests were invited to make donations and 100% of the proceeds were given to Hospice SLO County. The concert was underwritten in part by Wacker Wealth Partners.


In recognition of Healthcare Decisions Day (Tuesday, April 16), Hospice SLO County invited community members to share their experiences with saying goodbye to a dying person in their life. Please know that these words, art and perspective will help spread awareness about the importance of advance care planning and some of the many ways of saying goodbye in times of dying.

We extend a warm thank you to everyone who shared their heartfelt work. Our committee was truly moved and inspired by your artwork, poetry and essays.

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Recent Hospice SLO County Blogs

Hospice Threshold Singers has been a saving grace in my life. The group continues to grow under Ruth Baile’s compassionate, encouraging, committed leadership giving all of us a chance to sing at the bedside of people and pets on the threshold of their lives.

Concentrate on living in the moment every day rather than thinking your life may be coming to an end soon. Celebrate each day by doing something that brings you joy. Plan activities for the upcoming weeks and note your plans on your calendar. My doctors predicted I had about two months to live. That was nine months ago, and I am still enjoying my dream of being a writer.

As a Trauma/General Surgeon I’ve encountered many people near the end of their lives. I saw many deaths from tragedies. I am always amazed by how few people and their families are prepared for end-of-life issues. I saw how many people debilitated by disease and infirmity have exhausted their caregivers. I discovered how frequently getting sick and hospitalized led to a transition to a nursing home rather than going home because there just weren’t enough resources so that the patient could go back home.