Support Groups in San Luis Obispo

Hospice of San Luis Obispo offers Support Groups which provide emotional support and education about the grief process and finding comfort through connecting with like-minded individuals. Support Group meetings are offered according to the needs of the community, and often change to meet those needs. The current schedule of support groups is online and regularly updated. 

If interested in joining a Support Group at our Paso Robles Office, please call 805.544.2266 for more information.

Please note that all meetings are offered without charge, although a tax-deductible donations are always appreciated as we are a non-profit organization. 

San Luis Obispo

This group is for people who are caring for a loved one, no matter what diagnosis the loved one carries.

This group helps those grieving the loss of a loved one (i.e. friend, partner/spouse, child, relative, etc.). This group also includes "anticipatory grief" which means those expecting the loss of a loved one. 

This is a specific support group designed for those who have a spouse or partner that has passed. This support group is for adults who want group support from those also grieving the loss of a partner or spouse. 

This Suicide Bereavement Support Group is a for those left behind after someone important to them completed suicide.

This group is for people diagnosed with a potential life-threatening illness. Some people choose this group as a support group after diagnosis of various life-threatening, or life-limiting illnesses. It is not a specialty group for a certain diagnosis, but rather a group of people with various diagnoses. For example, ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, etc. 

While other groups are drop-in, pre-registration is required for this group. Please call (805)544-2266 to register.