Heart In Hand Services


Hospice SLO County offers relaxation services for clients, caregivers, volunteers and community members. These services are provided at our Hospice SLO County office, 1304 Pacific Street, San Luis Obispo. Free of charge.


Reiki is a gentle, natural and reassuring energy intended to support the healing process on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This service offers a space and time to relax deeply and surrender to the experience of unconditional love.

Reiki is experienced through the gentle placement of the practitioner’s hands on the body as a relaxing and powerful yet unobtrusive flow of healing energy.  The client usually experiences the warmth (sometimes coolness) of the energy emanating from the practitioner’s hands, in varying degrees. Many participants report a sense of calm and a decrease in stress level as a result of a Reiki session. 

We offer Reiki three times monthly at Hospice SLO County:

  • 1st Thursday of the month (noon - 3:30 pm)
  • 3rd Thursday of the month  (9 am - 12:30 pm)
  • 4th Thursday of the month (4 - 6:30 pm)

To reserve your space, please call our office at (805) 544-2266


Yoga Nidra can help people relax, recover from stress, and heal from illness. It also has reported benefits that can enhance health and strengthen life purpose.

Yoga Nidra is a meditation technique where the mind remains conscious during the normally “unconscious” state associated with deep sleep. Practiced in the lying position, it is one of the most popular yoga meditation techniques because it can induce a profoundly deep state of rest. It is effortless, enjoyable, soothing and recuperative. 

We offer Yoga Nidra weekly at Hospice SLO County:

  • Every Wednesday from 2:30 – 4:30 pm

No preregistration is required. Attendees may bring a yoga mat, towel or blanket if desired. Late attendees may not be able to join this class once it has begun.  

For more information about Yoga Nidra, please call our office at (805) 544-2266