Grief Yoga

“Grief Yoga honors loss, but also recognizes your resilience to tap into your power to move through the grief.”

Paul Denniston, creator of Grief Yoga ®

If we are alive, we experience loss. When we are suffering, feeling grief is our response. Losing someone or something we cared about brings about grief in our mind and spirit. When it is not expressed, sadness and anger can get stuck in our body because the body remembers.

About Grief Yoga

In order to live, we must all experience loss. Life includes suffering and grief is our response to it. Losing someone or something we cared about brings grief into our mind and spirit. And that sadness and anger gets stuck in our body. As challenging as it is to deal with such suffering, the grief is actually incredible self-knowledge that can be used as fuel to open ourselves up to more love. Grief Yoga combines many forms of yoga to help release grief and to connect us to the gift of life.

Allow This Free 20-Minute Chair Class to Shift Your Day

  • Feel more present and quiet your mind
  • Release anger and fear
  • Tap you into your strength and courage
  • Set the tone for your day in an empowering way
  • Focus and shift your struggle
  • Flow with more ease and peace 

That’s what Grief Yoga is - Using movement, breathe and sound to help transform the pain and struggle to more harmony and love.

About Paul

Paul Denniston created Grief Yoga and has taught this practice to over 5000 therapists, counselors and health care professionals around the world and teaches workshops around the US. Paul’s creation of Grief Yoga blends Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Laughter Yoga, and Let Your Yoga Dance into a space of transformation and healing. His intention is combining many different branches of yoga in order to channel and release anger, and allow unresolved grief a compassionate space to breathe and be released to help us connect to the resilient loving warrior within.